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Are there strollers that would make it easier to walk or jog with baby?

Jogging strollers

Jogging strollers are essential for moms who want to jog or even just walk for longer periods on a regular basis after baby is born. They provide an excellent way for mom to get back in shape while baby rides in comfort.

The larger wheels make it easier to maneuver on various surfaces and makes riding on the pavement very smooth. With the bigger wheels it is also easy to pull on the sand, so you can take it to the beach and use it to cart all the beach gear as well as the baby. Get a model that folds easily so you can store it quickly and take it with you in the car too.

You can also use a jogging stroller as your regular everyday stroller, most have baskets and trays just like conventional models, so they are great on shopping trips or long walks in the park.

Jogging strollers also come in double and triple models for parents of multiples.

I just found out that we're having twins. What kind of strollers are available for multiples?

Baby Strollers for Multiples

After the initial shock of discovering that you will soon be the proud parents of multiples, there are many things to contemplate. The most obvious, is that you require essentially two of everything! Thankfully, numerous types of strollers nowadays accommodate twin bundles of joy. Double strollers are a real lifesaver for parents of multiples. Some companies even offer stroller seats for triplets or quads. If you have an older child as well, there are double strollers designed to allow the older child to ride on the back near you.

*Whichever kind of stroller you select, ensure it is sturdy, well-crafted for safety and endurance, and made of a material that is easy to clean.

How can I make sure that the stroller I purchase is safe for baby?


When choosing a main stroller for the baby it's best to consider the features that will best serve you in the long run. The look of the stroller may also be important for some, but make sure that the stroller has the conveniences that you will need on an overall recurring basis. Some of these items include:

  • a large basket on the bottom

  • covers that are easy to remove and clean

  • a break on the wheels

  • a good sunshade

  • a safe and easy to use harness system

  • reclining positions from sitting to flat

  • trays with cup holders for parents and for the baby

  • a parent tray with a closing compartment (for keys, ipods, etc...)

  • compact folding capability

You will most likely also benefit from a stroller system that includes a car seat and carrier, since this will be where the baby will be carried for his first few months. It is really convenient since all you have to do is put the carrier in and out of the car seat base and click it into place on the stroller when you're off to the store or park. You can also just remove the carrier and take it without the stroller when you go to do quick errands, a friend's house or a restaurant where you can just place the carrier on a chair or next to you on a booth.

Is there a benefit to owning more than one stroller?

Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are useful when your baby is a little older and doesn't need much support to sit. They are good to take on quick walks, plane trips or anywhere where you don't want to cart around anything too heavy.

These type of stroller is a good inexpensive addition to have, but it's probably not a good idea to make it your only alternative to cart your baby. You'll still need the regular stroller for longer walks where your baby may take a nap, or shopping trips that may require extra room for all your bags.

I'm trying to decide whether the stroller with the toy attachments is a good idea or not, any hints?

Stroller Attachments

Let's face it; having baby junior slung over your shoulder 24-7 isn't always an option. For this reason, strollers are a lifesaver to parents. Some may not realize that strollers can offer many more perks than just a place to plop a baby down and go. Stroller attachments cater to an assortment of wants and needs including:

  • Entertaining baby while riding

  • To lull baby to sleep

  • Protecting baby from the sun

  • Allowing parents to jog while pushing a stroller

  • To cart around more than baby

  • Enabling your baby to snack as you travel

When you are struggling to push a stroller up that hill, your efforts will not be hampered if your baby is completely contented. There is a stroller attachment available for just about any necessity or desire. So, before settling for any stroller, do your research and select one to suit all of your wants and needs.


Bumbo Chairs and bebePods

If your baby is able to sit with assistance consider getting a Bumbo or a bebePod style chair. These are excellent to keep the baby upright, promote proper sitting and to provide a safe place for baby. Bumbos and bebePods are also a good place for the baby to be in while you do things around the house or take a much-deserved break.

They can also be a good alternative to swings or bouncers, while those are great for baby and you can definitely keep using them, it's a good idea to have the baby sitting up a bit and not have his head on a leaning position for so many hours.

The toy trays that are available for the Bumbo and bebePods are great to keep the baby busy for quie a while too. With the Bumbo chair, the trays are sold separately and you can get a variety of add-ons for it as well. The bebePod comes with a tray, tray mats and an attachable toy included; other add-ons are also available separately.

As the baby learns to sit he'll be able to stay in the chair for longer periods of time. You can also train him to start eating solids from this chair before moving him to the highchair when he is able to sit up on his own.

*While the Bumbo and bebePod are the most popular chairs of this type, there are other brands available that are just as good and worthy of consideration. Check around baby stores and online for the one that will work best for you.


Shopping Cart Covers

Once your baby can sit up on her own, you'll be happily surprised at how may new and exciting things she'll be able to do. Your baby will now start playing a lot more with toys as she will have more control to push, bang, and throw! She'll also start eating in a high chair and sitting up to get those cute little outfits on so much easier.

Another thing that your baby will be able to join you in is shopping from her great new sitting area on the cart! So it is a great idea to get one of those cart covers so you can keep her hands away from that germy handlebar. Not only are they good in germ protection, but they are also cushy and comfortable for the baby. You can also put a few toys in there with her so she can entertain herself while you browse the magazine or book section.

Many models also come with pockets to put bottles, pacifiers, hand wipes etc. Some even have tethers to hang toys from to keep them from flying off the cart. Get one that folds and unfolds easily as you will surely use it often. It's also a good idea to keep it in the car, that way it's there every time you need it when at any store you visit with the little one.


Baby Play Yards

A baby play yard is a great item for parents to invest in. It will be used for multiple purposes as well as for the first and even second years of the baby's life. It's a good idea to get one before the baby arrives because many of them include built in bassinets and changing tables, so they can provide the newborn's sleeping place.

There are many styles available and the prices range widely. Choose one that is right for you and keep in mind that you will probably be using it for play as well as sleep. Play yards can be folded up for easy transportation when visiting friends and family and you can use them as a portable crib. When baby gets a little older they will serve as great play areas where the baby will be confined and not able to scurry off once he starts crawling. Just place a bunch of baby's toys in with him and he'll be entertained for a long time.

The base can be lowered from the bassinet position and thus used as the play yard and portable or alternative crib. Actually, if you travel with your newborn, you can also take it with you if the style you have comes with the built in bassinet we mentioned above.

Play yards can also be used at the pool, backyard, picnics, the beach… anywhere that you take your baby and are in need to keep him in a safe place as well as entertained.

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