Diapering and Potty Training Tips

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Choosing Baby Wipes

There are many brands and types of baby wipes in the market today. Each baby's skin can react differently to certain wipes, so it's important to try a few so you know which is best for the little one.

Some babies will be fine with any type of wipe, while others may get irritated with scented ones or with wipes that contain certain ingredients. The best wipes to try first are the unscented ones that have aloe, this are usually the most mild.

If you prefer wipes that have a soft scent, there are a few that are still mild and contain smells such as lavender, which also claim to help calm babies.

The best way to see which wipes will work best is to go and get a small package of 3 or 4 different wipes. Then, when you find the one that suits you and baby, buy them in bulk at places such as Diapers.com or wholesale warehouses such as BJ's and Costco. They are much cheaper when bought this way and you will soon realize that you can never have enough wipes!


Signs Baby is Ready for Potty Training

Every baby is different and there are many approaches to training baby for the potty. But there are a few signs that will tell you he is ready when you don't quite know what to look for.

If you notice your baby doing some of the following you may want to start the process to potty training:

  • If he imitates mommy and daddy

  • Pride at his accomplishments

  • Likes to run around without clothes

  • Talks about poo-poo and pee-pee

  • Shows awareness when going or when about to go in the diaper

  • He's curious about the toilet

As you notice these signs happening it may be time to start your little one on one of the biggest milestones of training for the potty!

How can I encourage potty training?

Potty Training Incentives

Potty training can be a challenge when the child is not cooperative nor enthusiastic about potty training. However, there are ways to entice and encourage your child into successful potty training. Offering your child an appropriate incentive is a positive option for potty training. Potty training incentives can be material or non-material.

Material incentives include gifts and small items the child can have as a reward for potty training. These material items can be offered in the form of a treasure or reward box where the child can select an item after each successful potty visit. Parents should select appropriate and inexpensive gifts such as small story books, coloring books, little toys and even dollar store items.

Immaterial incentives can also be offered as a potty training reward. Immaterial incentives can include additional privileges, desserts, playtime and activities that are appealing and exciting to the child.

Potty training does not need to be a challenge or a hated step in your child’s upbringing. By using smart incentives and rewards, parents can entice their child to potty train without hassle and hardship.


Diaper Pails

Get a diaper pail!! I couldn't stress this more. It is so convenient to have a place to put the dirty diapers and not have to worry about them until the bag is full. Without a pail you'd have to take the diaper outside to the trash every time you change the baby, because they will stink you out of the kitchen if you use the trash there. This can become very inconvenient. There are many brands of diaper pails and every parent has their favorite.

You'll have to do a little bit of shopping around to find what will work best for you. Many online stores have customer reviews on them so you can read through those to get an idea of what each of them offers and what other parents say about them.

Some of the most popular diaper pails are:

• Diaper Genie

• Diaper Champ

• Simple Step

• Easy Saver

• The First Years

All diaper pails end up smelling to some degree from all the diapers that are in it at any one time. But the smell is confined in the pail and stays out of the room. You may smell it sometimes when the pail is opened to empty the bag, but that's a small price to pay in order to not have your house smell all the time or having to constantly go to the garbage outside.


Baby Changing Caddy

When it comes to changing the diaper (for the 20th time today!) you really don't have to go to the changing table every time. Of course, you should always have a good place in the nursery to change the baby, with diapers and wipes within reach. But you will soon realize how convenient it is to have the option to change the baby when you are in any other room in the house. A great way to do this is to get a changing caddy, this is a little portable basket or box where you can fit a bunch of diapers, a box of wipes, diaper cream and any other items you may need. These caddies are small enough to tuck behind the couch, behind the bed or anywhere Inconspicuous enough so that it's not in plain sight. When your baby needs a change, you can whip it out and get to changing anywhere in the house. Most baby stores carry them and they are quite inexpensive. They usually come with a foldable changing pad that you can lay anywhere like the bed, floor, couch etc.

I can't tell you how convenient it is to be able to get the caddy out and change the baby right there on the living room floor or the couch while not missing a second of Battlestar Galactica! It is so much more convenient than having to go to the nursery every time, especially if you have to go up or down the stairs.

From personal experience I highly recommend a baby-changing caddy, anything to make things a little easier is a welcome recommendation!


Baby Wipes

No doubt you are familiar with baby wipes at this point, they make changing and wiping baby's bum much easier. But another use for baby wipes also makes things easier when it comes to spills. Baby wipes are excellent for cleaning up that spit up that landed on the couch, the floor or all over the baby.

Here are some other great uses for baby wipes are:

  • Spit up on clothesWiping down the high chair tray

  • Cleaning off crusty food on the baby's face or hands

  • Wiping the baby's belly and arms when you are out and he gets a bit sweaty.

  • Getting milk or formula off fabrics like the couch or chairs

  • Getting milk or formula off baby's or your clothes

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