Choosing Baby Wipes

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Choosing Baby Wipes

There are many brands and types of baby wipes in the market today. Each baby's skin can react differently to certain wipes, so it's important to try a few so you know which is best for the little one.

Some babies will be fine with any type of wipe, while others may get irritated with scented ones or with wipes that contain certain ingredients. The best wipes to try first are the unscented ones that have aloe, this are usually the most mild.

If you prefer wipes that have a soft scent, there are a few that are still mild and contain smells such as lavender, which also claim to help calm babies.

The best way to see which wipes will work best is to go and get a small package of 3 or 4 different wipes. Then, when you find the one that suits you and baby, buy them in bulk at places such as or wholesale warehouses such as BJ's and Costco. They are much cheaper when bought this way and you will soon realize that you can never have enough wipes!



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