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What kind of baby furniture is a must when putting together my baby nursery?

Setting Up the Nursery

As new parents it is easy to go overboard when buying baby stuff, specially when it comes to the nursery. To avoid ending up with a cluttered and disorganized baby room do a little planning first. Start by making a list of items you need and also by measuring the room so you know what you can fit in it.

Begin with the basics such as a crib, dresser, changing table and shelving. Then, when you figure how much space you have left, you can pick any extras that will complete the look of your decor.

To maximize space try the following ideas:

  • Get a collapsible or hanging hamper

  • Use the space under the crib for extra storage

  • Organize the closet with stackable bins and shelves

  • Use the closet door to hang fabric shelves

  • Hang more fabric shelves or hanging pockets from behind the door

To make it easier try getting most of your items from the same store, this way you can match the items and the look will be more defined.

How much will it cost to get all the baby furniture I need?

Baby Furniture Budget

No matter what your budget may be when it comes to buying your new baby's furniture, you have many options to choose from. There are lots of stores offering a variety of prices and versatility. If you are looking to buy quality items but not spend a fortune, stores such as Babies'R'Us or even IKEA have wonderful selections for babies available. Shop around and see what 's out there, you can do some great research before even leaving your house by going on the Internet. Check different sites to compare prices and to see the styles they offer.

Oftentimes, family members will offer a hand in buying larger furniture items, so offer to take them along to the store when you know what you are looking for. When parents or siblings can chip in, it takes a lot of the load off and makes it that much easier to get a nicely decorated nursery for the baby.

Also, try buying items that are useful as well as decorative as not to end up with a bunch of stuff that will just be in the way not providing any usage. IKEA has lots of useful items that can double as toys or decorative pieces, which will give the baby's room a unique and fun look.


Rocking Chair

A rocking chair can be a good addition to the nursery as it provides a comforting place to feed the baby. It's also a nice place for middle of the night feedings making them a bit easier and comfortable.

Rocking chairs are also valuable in helping to get the baby to sleep as it provides its soothing rocking motion. Cuddling the baby while rocking on the chair can also create physical bonding times that will bring you closer and provide special memories for both of you.


Changing tables and changing mats

At the beginning parents can be very confused with the array of items available for babies. It's hard to tell one thing from the other and differentiate between their uses. Changing tables and changing pads are for the same purpose but they are two very different things.

Changing tables are a sturdy piece of permanent furniture that's usually kept in the baby's nursery. It's at the right height for changing the baby without having to bend down too much.

A changing mat can be used anywhere and it is portable. You can change the baby on different places around the house or when out and about.

Most diaper bags come with a changing mat, which makes it very convenient to get the baby's diapers changed easily and hygienically.

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