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Can you tell me what's "in" as far as baby shower gifts?

Baby Shower Gifts

Baby shower gifts are great for helping the mom-to-be with the overwhelming task of getting what she needs for when the baby comes. Here are some ideas of what to get when you may not be sure what would be best for the new mom

  • Packs of washcloths, burp rags and towels

  • A baby carrier or sling enabling Mom hands free baby transport comfort.

  • A baby journal for writing events that happen for baby from birth to 1 or 2 years

  • Onsies for warm weather and footsies for colder days or inside play

  • Feeding accessories such as bottles and bibs

  • A portable changing mat with pockets

  • A couple of swaddlers for sleeping

  • Infant toys

Most parents will have a registry at a baby store, if so get something from the list. Not only will this make it easier on you to get the right thing, but it will ensure you buy something that the parents to be really need and want.


Baby Christening Gifts

The Christening or Baptism is an important occasion for the parents and family of the baby. It's a very special even in the baby's life and the gifts she receives will be kept with her forever. Here are some ideas on what to get for a baby's Baptism/Christening:

  • Picture frames with a picture from the event

  • A pretty wall cross for the nursery

  • A delicate, white blanket

  • A pretty set of porcelain tableware

  • A prayer box

  • A rosary

  • Christening gowns

  • A baby locket necklace

  • Baptism books

  • Blessing bowls

  • Personalized prayer books

  • Silver plated cross baby cups

* Remember to always consider the faith of the parents before buying anything with a religious theme.


Baby Gift Basket

A good idea for a baby gift is to make a Baby Gift Basket. Gather a few items together and place gracefully on a cute baby themed basket. The basket could include items that are specifically useful for a new mom and her baby. Some good ideas include:

• Baby wipes

• Diapers

• A few onsies

• A First aid kit

• A pajama set

• A few pairs of socks

• Bibs

• Burp cloths

• Soft blankets

• Onsie pajamas

• Pacifiers

• Baby plushie toys

• Baby soap and shampoo

• Baby towels

• Diaper rash cream

You can pick the number of items you want, wrap the basket up in some pretty paper and there you have a nice and useful gift that will be appreciated as much as well needed!

Is it appropriate to give sibling gifts when giving a new baby gift?

Baby Gifts From a Sibling

The arrival of a new baby sibling can be a little disconcerting for a toddler. One way to make it easier is to go get a baby gift that the older child can give to his little baby brother. Let him help in picking it out at the store so he will really feel like it is from him. This can help the toddler transition into his role as a big brother and he can feel important instead of like he has been replaced.

Encourage your toddler to contribute with every day baby care also and he will feel included. This way instead of resenting the little one who has everyone's attention, he will be part of the action and be proud of himself for being such a great big brother.

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