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Is there a better time over another to read to my baby?

Bedtime Reading

Bedtime is a wonderful occasion to share and bond with your baby as he grows and matures. Bedtime stories and books provide a baby with a sense of security and routine. While impromptu reading is always encouraged whenever the child initiates it; reading before sleep is a particularly good time as a baby is typically quieter and able to sit for a longer periods. Oftentimes your child will want you to read the same story, over and over, which may seem annoying to you. Consider, not only is this consistency comforting to your child, but the repetition is how learning happens. Realize that children love routines and a reading ritual helps your child feel at ease. For young children, repetition is the spice of learning!

What are the advantages of reading to my child?

Reading to Baby

Scientific research proves that babies and children who are read to develop a love for literature and excel in other subjects as well. Reading baby books benefit your baby in many ways:

  1. Providing your baby the chance to perform what she loves most—imitate and observe.

  2. Creating a wonderful bonding time for you and your baby—babies love to curl up in mom or dad's lap, experiencing the warmth of your voice and body; thus connecting love and security to reading enjoyment.

  3. Increases vocabulary and develops speech patterns very early in life.

  4. Giving you a momentary escape from pressures in your life; allowing you to join with your baby absorbed in someone else's story and life.

* Make reading fun by using different voices or inflections, being animated, and smiling as you read.

How will my baby benefit from Baby Einstein?

Baby Einstein Books

A great series of books for baby are the Baby Einstein books. These educational books offer very colorful, large, and almost animated pictures and words. This type of baby book is shown to enhance a baby's development and recognition of words and shapes. When babies are young, they only focus on lines, shapes, and colors. Most parents who purchase books in the Baby Einstein series provide strong supportive reviews. In general, reading to your baby gives them a head start in the learning process and instills a love of books and reading at a very young age.

What type of book is best for my infant?

Books for Younger Babies

Younger babies don't have a long attention span and may not quite get the concept of reading stories to them. However, they love the sound of your voice, so starting to read to them is never too early.

Get a couple of short books with little text and big colorful pictures. Read the book to baby before bedtime when she is relaxed and sleepy. As you read, show her the pictures on the pages so she can start relating your words to the book. Of course at first she won't know that you are reading a story to her, but if you keep doing this as she grows she will become accustomed to it and slowly start to correlate your reading to the story in the book.

This will also ensure that she will grow to like books and reading, something very important for young children in order for them to develop and learn vocabulary.

My toddler seems to be very interested in books and reading. What can I do to encourage that love of reading?

Reading to Toddlers

Toddlers are some of the busiest people on the planet. So, it is always a treasure when they slow down for a book cuddled on your lap. When read to regularly, children rapidly develop stronger language and speech pattern skills. To encourage consistent reading, here are some tips for more pleasure while reading with your baby:

  1. At 12 to 18 months, toddlers are ready for baby books with labeled objects as they enjoy pointing at and announcing names of common items.

  2. Action books that engage your baby in activities such as flaps to open or hidden pictures stimulate additional interest.

  3. Locate sturdy board books in several locations throughout the house, easily accessible for your baby or toddler to grab and preview.

  4. Set aside a special time for you and your baby to read together every day; whether at daytime or bedtime, this promotes the security of routine and boundaries for your toddler.

  5. Books about animals present the opportunity for an older baby to imitate sounds and learn even more about the world around her.

Any tips for helping my 2 year old develop a love for learning through books?

Books for Learning Vocabulary

By the age of two, most children experience a rapidly increasing vocabulary. Reading to your toddler daily expands this language development further. When choosing books and reading to your baby:

  • Look for books with simple labeled pictures where your baby can begin to process, imitate and virtually recognize words. Starting your baby down the road to reading.

  • Praise your child when she repeats words back to you—even if you have to correct her occasionally.

  • Plan to read your child's books over and over, encouraging learning through repetition.

  • Spend time talking and interacting while reading with your toddler ensuring a positive impression of books and a love for literature.


The Very Hungry Catepillar

A great book that has been around for over 30 years is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This is a great book for babies and children. It is now available in many formats including in hard cardboard for small babies. The book is very colorful and some pages in it have holes to show where the caterpillar has eaten through. I always remember this book from when I was a small child (I actually still have it) and it seems to be a very popular one among many kids throughout the years.

You can also get Caterpillar plush dolls and they look exactly as the Hungry Caterpillar looks in the book. I have bought two different versions of them for my baby daughter; one as a plain plush doll and another as a soft toy that has teething rings and scrunchy parts for her to squeeze. She loves them both. I have also read her the book many times and she really enjoys having it read to her.

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