Diaper Pails

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Diaper Pails

Get a diaper pail!! I couldn't stress this more. It is so convenient to have a place to put the dirty diapers and not have to worry about them until the bag is full. Without a pail you'd have to take the diaper outside to the trash every time you change the baby, because they will stink you out of the kitchen if you use the trash there. This can become very inconvenient. There are many brands of diaper pails and every parent has their favorite.

You'll have to do a little bit of shopping around to find what will work best for you. Many online stores have customer reviews on them so you can read through those to get an idea of what each of them offers and what other parents say about them.

Some of the most popular diaper pails are:

• Diaper Genie

• Diaper Champ

• Simple Step

• Easy Saver

• The First Years

All diaper pails end up smelling to some degree from all the diapers that are in it at any one time. But the smell is confined in the pail and stays out of the room. You may smell it sometimes when the pail is opened to empty the bag, but that's a small price to pay in order to not have your house smell all the time or having to constantly go to the garbage outside.



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