Potty Training Incentives

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How can I encourage potty training?

Potty Training Incentives

Potty training can be a challenge when the child is not cooperative nor enthusiastic about potty training. However, there are ways to entice and encourage your child into successful potty training. Offering your child an appropriate incentive is a positive option for potty training. Potty training incentives can be material or non-material.

Material incentives include gifts and small items the child can have as a reward for potty training. These material items can be offered in the form of a treasure or reward box where the child can select an item after each successful potty visit. Parents should select appropriate and inexpensive gifts such as small story books, coloring books, little toys and even dollar store items.

Immaterial incentives can also be offered as a potty training reward. Immaterial incentives can include additional privileges, desserts, playtime and activities that are appealing and exciting to the child.

Potty training does not need to be a challenge or a hated step in your child’s upbringing. By using smart incentives and rewards, parents can entice their child to potty train without hassle and hardship.



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