Baby Strollers for Multiples

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I just found out that we're having twins. What kind of strollers are available for multiples?

Baby Strollers for Multiples

After the initial shock of discovering that you will soon be the proud parents of multiples, there are many things to contemplate. The most obvious, is that you require essentially two of everything! Thankfully, numerous types of strollers nowadays accommodate twin bundles of joy. Double strollers are a real lifesaver for parents of multiples. Some companies even offer stroller seats for triplets or quads. If you have an older child as well, there are double strollers designed to allow the older child to ride on the back near you.

*Whichever kind of stroller you select, ensure it is sturdy, well-crafted for safety and endurance, and made of a material that is easy to clean.



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