Bumbo Chairs and bebePods

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Bumbo Chairs and bebePods

If your baby is able to sit with assistance consider getting a Bumbo or a bebePod style chair. These are excellent to keep the baby upright, promote proper sitting and to provide a safe place for baby. Bumbos and bebePods are also a good place for the baby to be in while you do things around the house or take a much-deserved break.

They can also be a good alternative to swings or bouncers, while those are great for baby and you can definitely keep using them, it's a good idea to have the baby sitting up a bit and not have his head on a leaning position for so many hours.

The toy trays that are available for the Bumbo and bebePods are great to keep the baby busy for quie a while too. With the Bumbo chair, the trays are sold separately and you can get a variety of add-ons for it as well. The bebePod comes with a tray, tray mats and an attachable toy included; other add-ons are also available separately.

As the baby learns to sit he'll be able to stay in the chair for longer periods of time. You can also train him to start eating solids from this chair before moving him to the highchair when he is able to sit up on his own.

*While the Bumbo and bebePod are the most popular chairs of this type, there are other brands available that are just as good and worthy of consideration. Check around baby stores and online for the one that will work best for you.



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