The Croup

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The Croup

Another concern when the baby catches a cold is the possibility of her developing the Croup cough.

Croup is mostly caused by a virus, but can sometimes be caused by bacteria or allergic reactions. Croup can appear suddenly during the night or when baby wakes up, but often it follows a cold or other similar viral condition. The baby may have a runny nose for a couple of days sometimes accompanied by a fever and then the croup coughing develops.

Symptoms to watch for are:

  • Coughing that sounds like a seal bark

  • Grunt-like noises when baby breathes

  • High-pitched squeaky noise while breathing

  • Hoarsness

If the case is mild it can be safely treated at home. Sitting with the baby in the bathroom with running hot water and letting her breathe in the steam helps a lot. Even sitting outside in the fresh air can alleviate the baby's inflamed airways. But if symptoms get worse and you feel the baby's breathing is very labored it is best to visit the pediatrician. She will likely prescribe a steroid medication to reduce the swelling of the airways, which is what causes the breathing difficulty.

So it's imperative that you monitor the baby carefully during this time to make sure she can breathe ok. Keep in mind that the symptoms get worse when the baby is upset or crying and at night.

Most cases of croup are mild to moderate and do not pose a threat. However, If you notice the baby breathing fast and appears pale or bluish this is a sign that she is not getting enough oxygen and needs immediate medical attention.



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