Baby Nursery Safety

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How can I ensure that my baby nursery is a safe place for my baby?

Baby Nursery Safety

Creating a completely safe baby nursery is essential before bringing your baby home. The following is a list of things that you can do to ensure a safe baby environment:

  • Keep drapery or blind cords out of baby's reach and completely away from the crib.

  • Place a working smoke detector in baby's nursery and near baby's room.

  • Guarantee that window guards are securely in place to keep baby from falling out of an open window.

  • Never place a crib, playpen or other climbable furniture near a window or wall opening.

  • Insert plug protectors in all unused electrical outlets and plastic covers for outlets in use.

  • When necessary, use a cool-air humidifier instead of a warm-air vaporizer to prevent burns (be sure to change the water frequently to avoid the growth of mold).

These are just a few ideas to get you started on safe and secure baby nursery. The best way to analyze a room for safety is to get down on the floor and crawl around looking for hazards, just as your baby would.



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