Baby Toys for Ages 10 to 12 Months

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What suggestions would you make for buying a toy for a 10-month old?

Baby Toys for Ages 10 to 12 Months

When your baby reaches 10 months she'll likely be crawling and possibly trying to walk. A good idea at this stage is to invest in a baby corral where your baby can play and be safe from common household dangers such as loose items on tables, climbing hazards, electrical plugs etc...

You can fill her corral area with fun toys she'll be able to play with without boredom. Some ideas are:

  • Thick board books with stories you can read to baby

  • Toy key rings made of safe wood or plastic.

  • Purses filled with plastic versions of lipsticks, keys, cell phones, etc.

  • Sturdy cloth toys like dolls, animals, tucks and cars.

  • Pop-up boxes and other cause and effect toys.

  • Fillable containers

  • Stackable toys like blocks in larger sizes.

  • Push-pull toys like walking animals or carts.

  • Wooden push toys

This age group is particularly fun to observe as they go through their discovery stage. Remember to invest in toys that stimulate the mind, but meet safety standards as well.



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