Baby Toys for Newborns

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What types of toys are appropriate for a newborn?

Baby Toys for Newborns

Newborns don't have the ability to play using their hands yet, so any toys you get at this stage will serve mostly for visual stimulation. The best toys to get are brightly colored as well as black and white ones. Young babies can't see very well, things are actually quite blurry for them, but they can see bold patterns and bright colors if close enough. Newborn babies can detect movement too, so a mobile above the bassinet will also get their attention.

Another good toy is a rattle which you can shake around your baby and he can follow the sounds, babies' hearing, unlike their sight, is almost perfect when they are born.

So don't go too crazy for toys yet, but focus on working baby's reflexes. A simple bold colored pillow you can wave back and forth close enough for him to see, or a black and white wall hanging you can place near the bassinet will hold his interest for a good while.



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