Baby Clothes

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Baby Clothes

When purchasing baby clothing, here are a few things to consider in regards to safety and economics:

  • Buy big (unless your baby was born prematurely, he or she will outgrow baby clothing rather quickly)

  • Look for flame-retardant pajamas and clothing to assure your baby's safety

  • Try to find snaps in the crotch area for easier diaper changes, or better yet try onsies that have a zipper going from top to bottom. These are easy to get on and off as well as for diaper changes

  • Avoid baby clothing that is tight around the neck, arms or legs (not only can this be a safety hazard for your baby, but it is also uncomfortable)

  • Scrutinize baby clothes for loose buttons or long ribbons and strings, as they are potential choking hazards

  • Regular baby clothes are pretty inexpensive, places like Target, Walmart and department stores have large assortments at low prices. They often have sales also, where you can get really good deals

* Buy ahead of time. If you see clothing for older babies on sale, buy it now and buy it in bulk. Keep the receipts and tags on until needed, in case the clothes don't work out for some reason. All of these tips will end up saving you significant money in the future.



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