Making Your Own Baby Food

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How do I make homemade baby food?

Making Your Own Baby Food

An increasing number of people are choosing to make their own baby food. Whether it is because they want their babies to adapt more to their personal diets, because they have concerns about the idea of feeding their baby food that is most likely months old, or because they think it is ridiculous to spend $1 per jar of food, it is a fad quickly catching on.

A batch of food to last for four or more meals can be made in less than ten minutes. It can be an excellent motivation to get the rest of your family to eat vegetables and fruits as well.

Making baby food is not difficult. You will need a steamer, water, and a blender. Some people choose to get specialized baby blenders for accurate servings, but if you make large enough batches a regular blender should be fine.

Start by choosing the food you want to introduce. If it is a hard food, such as carrots, steam them until they are extremely soft. Put them in the blender with a little water to make the mixture soft. The amount of water you need depends on how much water is naturally in the food and the age of your baby. When your baby is very young, you want to add a little more water to make it easier for the baby to swallow. As the baby gets older, adding less water can make it thicker and help get Baby ready for soft finger foods.

Once you have introduced a variety of foods to your baby, feel free to start making combinations such as carrots and peas or strawberries and banana. It can be a fun way to introduce your baby to your favorite foods and get them used to the flavors and textures they will eat as they grow up.



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