Diaper Rash

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Diaper Rash

It is inevitable that at some point your little baby will get a diaper rash. Some babies are more prone to rashes than others, but almost all babies will get at least one rash while they are on diapers.

The best way to care for a rash is to keep the area clean and apply a cream that has Zinc Oxide. This ingredient is the most effective at protecting the rashy skin from further irritation and at treating it at the same time. Zinc Oxide can be found in both conventional and organic or all natural creams, so it's important to make sure the cream you choose contains it.

You also want to change the baby's diapers often so her little bottom won't be sitting on an irritating dirty diaper for too long. Soiled diapers can worsen a rash because of all the acids, so make frequent 'smell' tests to be sure and get her cleaned right away if she goes.

Another way to help a rash is to let the baby run bared bottomed for a while to let fresh air onto the area. You can also do this when it's naptime by laying a waterproof mattress cover on the crib in case the little one has to 'go'. Check in often on the baby so that she's not lying on soiled sheets, which could worsen the rash and, not to mention, make a big mess!

If you are consistent with the cream and keeping the baby clean, the rash should go away in a day or two. If it doesn't or gets worse, a visit to the doctor could be in order. A stronger medication may be needed, especially if the baby has very sensitive skin.



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