Baby Magazines and ezines

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Baby Magazines and ezines

A great idea when expecting a child or even after she's born is to get a couple of subscriptions to some good baby magazines. You can also find some very good ezines and newsletters on the Internet with endless information and help on everything you want to know about babies.

You may have heard of and, two sites that provide a great source of tips for expecting moms, new moms and even for moms of older children.

There are also lesser-known ezines that are run by real moms who share from personal experiences. These can be a great place for new moms to go and read about all kinds of baby related issues told from the perspective of other moms who have gone through the same baby issues as you have.

One such ezine is the Utah Baby Guide. Although the name says Utah, it still is a fountain of information for any mom in any state. There you will find articles on feeding your baby, doctor visits, baby clothes etc... There is also a columnist who is a certified counselor and a mother of three who is world renown for her excellent parental advice.

It's a wonderful ezine and I highly recommend it for any new mom!



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