Teething Baby

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Teething Baby

One inevitable stage in every baby's life is teething. Some babies breeze through teething, some have a little discomfort for short periods, while others just have a miserable time. No matter which way your baby goes with the teething process if she shows any sign of pain we want to reduce it as much as possible.

Some good items to have at hand before teething essentially starts:

  • Orajel for Babies

  • Teething rings

  • Tylenol for babies, or similar baby pain reliever

  • Homeopathic teething tablets

  • Teething biscuits

Your baby may not respond to all of these, but it is a good idea to have them at hand for when a tooth makes an appearance. Try items such as the teething buscuits and teething rings first to see if they offer relief and stick with the ones your baby seems to do well with.

As far as the medicines go, Orajel for Babies seems to work well for the majority of babies. What it essentially does is numb the area, so it is pretty much guaranteed to work in eliminating or at least reducing the pain. Tylenol is a good pain reliever, especially at night, but make sure to ask your baby's doctor before you administer it and ask what the safe dose is for the baby. Also, your pediatrician may have other recommendations for you baby, so be sure to talk to him first.

The homeopathic tablets are pretty effective on many babies and are safe. Again, please ask the baby's pediatrician before giving the baby any type of medicine to be sure that it is all right for her. There are rare instances when a certain medicine may not be good for some babies so you want to be sure that the baby's doctor ok's it first.



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