Swine Flu & Your Baby

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Swine Flu & Your Baby

Surely you have heard about the Swine flu all over TV and newspapers by now. As you may also know, when babies get the regular flu (just like very elderly people or folks with weak immune systems) you want to make sure that if her symptoms get worse or she gets a high fever you contact ther pediatrician ASAP.

While right now the chances remain low for your baby to contract the Swine flu, you should still be careful and try not to take the baby out to very crowded places (aka-lots of germs). Also, were you to notice any flu like symptoms on your little one, contact her doctor right away so you can be sure that it is the common flu and not the Swine flu.

So, while you should be careful and monitor your baby for any symptoms, there is no reason right now to panic. Use your common sense and if you have any questions on the topic of the Swine flu, or any other health related questions make sure you call your baby's pediatrician and do not leave it up to guessing. It's better to be safe than sorry.



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