Baby Toys for Ages 7 to 9 months

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Baby Toys for Ages 7 to 9 months

Many babies can sit up unattended by around 6 or 7 months. This opens up a whole new 'playing' field for them as they can now have a different perspective on the world around them. Once they can sit up they will really start to play with more toys and they will learn to reach for them too, prompting them to start crawling as well.

Some good toys for this age stage are:

  • Toys that move and make sounds (they encourage creeping and eventually crawling)

  • Wooden blocks with colored shapes

  • Interactive music and sound toys

  • A bouncer with toys attached (to encourage the baby to move around to get to the toys get a bouncer that swivels all the way around)

  • Teething toys (these are good for all stages until all teeth have come out)

  • Toy remote controls ad mobile phones

  • Musical tables with legs

  • Hand held musical and alphabet toys

  • Shape sorting cubes or buckets

Remember to always make sure the toys you pick are safe for your baby and appropriate for her age. To check for safety of baby toys visit the US PIRG website's toy section and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.



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