Baby Magazine Activities

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Baby Magazine Activities

There are quite a few great educational magazines available for babies and toddlers today. You can start reading and doing the activities with your baby in these magazines at just 6 or 7 months of age. Babybug magazine is a great one for babies and has many fun stories and baby activities. This magazine offers a great way to start reading to your baby as well as many read along activities to do with him. Wild Animal Baby is another good baby magazine to get your little one interested in stories and reading as is High Five from Highlights (this one is for older babies, starting at around 2 years old).

The good thing about these magazines is that they also publish other versions for different age stages, so as your baby grows so does his reading and activity fun.

Some of the magazines to keep in mind as baby grows are Turtle, Humpty Dumty, Jack and Jill, Cricket, Ladybug, Spider and Highlights. All these offer great learning fun and activities for your kids that you will be able to join in on as well. You'll enjoy baking, making crafts, doing science experiments and many more fun and educational activities. It's never too early to start, so on a rainy, cold, or just lazy day curl up with baby on the couch, break open your Babybug magazine and have some fun!



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