Kiddie Pools

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Kiddie Pools

If you don't have a swimming pool at home you can get the next best thing, a kiddie pool! There are many types and sizes of kiddie pools that the whole family can enjoy. There are inflatable pools and also hard plastic ones and they are all quite affordable all you need is the water.

Amazon has a large variety of kiddie pools, you can browse through there and see pictures and customer reviews.

As with a regular pool, you can take the baby in with you and show her the water and let her splash while you hold her. If you get a big enough pool, you can also use a float in the kiddie pool with your baby. You can also get a few floating toys for her to play with while in the pool.

Almost all these kiddie pools are easy to set up and can be stored without taking a lot of space. You can refill the water everyday you use the pool, or use special water filtration system for small pools. You can find kits that are specially made for kiddie pools. This way you can leave the water in for a few days; just get a cover for the pool to keep leaves and insects out.

And, as you know, make sure the kids don't go near the pool without any adult supervision. Another option with the cover is to get one that is kid proof so they can't get in while you are not around.



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