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Naps are very important for babies and toddlers. In the first months of life a baby will spend much if his time sleeping, this is necessary and it is good for him to replenish his energy as he uses lots of it at this stage. From 1 to 3 months babies should sleep about 15 total hours and get 3 naps during the day. From 3 to 9 months they should be getting about 14 hours and napping twice daily. Then from 9 to about 16 months they should sleep 13 to 14 total hours with two naps. From 16 months to 3 years babies should be sleeping 11 total hours with just one nap. These are general figures as each child is different so adjust it to what suits you and your baby best. Also keep in mind that the total hours of sleep include nap time hours.

You will also find that when your baby gets his naps he will sleep better at night. When babies get overtired they tend to get cranky and find it hard to calm down and fall asleep.



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