Baby Bath Time Toys

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Baby Bath Time Toys

Most babies love baths, splashing and playing with the water is a great way for them to learn not to be afraid of it. Another way to add to the fun is by getting a few good toys for the bath. Not only can bath toys make for a playful time, but the right ones can also help with the baby's development.

Here is a list of some toys that will keep your baby entertained while learning all through bath time:

  • The always popular rubber duckie

  • Bath toys that squirt water

  • Colorful boats

  • Simple containers they can fill with water

  • Bath mitts with cute characters to use

  • Crayons and paints to use in the bath

  • Floating letters and numbers

  • Interactive bath books

  • Color changing ducks

  • 'Bug' catching nets

Bath time can be a fun and educational time that your baby will always look forward to.



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