Convertible Cribs

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Convertible Cribs

A very convenient item to get is a convertible crib. Convertible cribs can be used when the baby is just an infant all they way up to when she is a toddler. When your baby is an infant, if you choose not to get a bassinet, then your baby can sleep in the crib perfectly fine. Once the baby is older and starts to sit up and/or stand you can lower the mattress to make it safer so the baby can't fall over.

Then when your child reaches toddler hood and can safely climb in and out of bed by herself you can remove one set of the side railings and she'll have her own 'big girl' bed. Some convertible cribs may even have the option of removing both or all sides of the railings, although it's usually safer to at least have one side of the railings up to make sure the child can't easily fall off the bed when asleep.



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