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Another sleeping item that is widely used for infants is the bassinet. There are many varieties of bassinets, so it really is a matter of preference and taste. For parents that don't want to spend too much on an item that will only be used for a few months, there are 'convertible' bassinets.

These are part of a play yard system where you can place the infant to sleep on the raised base of the yard until the baby is about 15-20 lbs. These play yards also come with an attachable changing table, so they will provide lots of usage; not to mention the play yard itself, which you can use up until the baby is able to climb out of it.

Other types of bassinets include the ones with a removable basket. These are very useful, because you can move the baby around in the basket and place him anywhere around the house to keep him nearby while he sleeps. Then there are the traditional bassinets, which can be plain or have multiple features, like pockets, music and mobiles, changing tables etc.

It's a good idea to do some research and see which sleeping arrangement will work best for you. You can check out many types of bassinets at



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