Clothes Basics for Newbors

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Clothes Basics for Newbors

As time goes by you'll probably buy and receive many new sets of clothes for your baby. To get you started, however, here are a few basics that you will need to head you off:

  • About three or four sets of one-piece pajamas. Get light cotton for warmer weather, or the thicker fleecy ones for winter. If you like to keep your house cool during the summer, then the fleecy ones should be fine so the baby doesn't get too cold being that, for safety, she won't be using blankets yet.

  • Six or seven onsies, or footsies depending on the weather. You may want to get a few of both, since it may be good to dress the baby with footsies when going to the supermarket or mall.

  • Eight to ten pairs of socks, get the 0-6 month size so that you'll be able to get good use out of them.

  • Get two or three swaddeling sacks. Kiddapotamous makes really practical swaddler that closes with velcro, they are easy to put on and babies love them.

  • A couple of sun bonnets or warm hats, depending on the season.

  • A few soft blankets for using in the stroller, the car seat, floor time etc...

  • Eight or ten pairs of pants to pull over the onsies for a quick outfit.

  • Around eight pairs of shirts that can also be worn with the pants

  • Four or five dresses with matching underwear/diaper cover-ups for baby girls during summer time

This should be good to get you started. A good idea when adding to the baby's wardrobe is to buy the next size or so from your baby's current age. Baby's clothes sizes usually come in month ranges (0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12), so if your baby is 4 or 5 months old get the 6-9 size, this way the clothes will last longer.



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