Baby Car Seat Safety

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Baby Car Seat Safety

The purpose of a car seat is to keep your baby safe, so it's important that it is installed right so that it can perform its function well. Many fire departments and law enforcement agencies offer car seat safety clinics where they show you step by step how to install it correctly. They will also check to make sure the seat is installed right if you did it yourself and some even install it for you at no cost. You can simply call to make an appointment at your nearest location.

Here are some things to remember about car seat safety every time you use it:

  • Make sure that the car seat harness is fastened tightly, no more than two fingers witdth between the straps and the baby.

  • Keep the straps in the slots at or below baby's shoulders for the rear-facing position.

  • Use the harness setting that is closest to your infant's body, but not underneath it.

  • Position your baby to ride in a semi-reclined position at 45 degrees from horizontal. Utilize a tube or rolled towel underneath the seat to adjust the car seat to the correct reclining angle.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should make sure that the car seat you have purchased is the right size for your baby's hight and weight.



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