Quilts for Baby's Crib

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Quilts for Baby's Crib

Quilts can look pretty on the baby's crib and can enhance the decor of the nursery, but they should be taken out of the crib when the baby is put down to sleep.

Quilts can be dangerous and are a possible SIDS risk because they are loose on the crib so they can get entangled or wrapped around the baby's head. This could cause suffocation if the baby got stuck and couldn't get his head free.

Another thing to consider if getting a quilt for decoration is to make sure it doesn't have any buttons, beads or anything that could come unattached. Even if just used for decoration, once the baby gets mobile he could get a hold of the quilt and chew on it, making it easy for him to bite off any buttons or beads that he could choke on.

So be sure to take precautions when it comes to decorative quilts, or just use cute colorful safe blankets or a comforter, which can look just as nice. A quilt without detachable decorations or a comforter can be used later when the baby is over a year or older.



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