Out to Dinner with Baby

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Out to Dinner with Baby

With most babies it is fairly easy to go out for a nice dinner. Small babies can sit in their infant car seats and take a snooze while you eat, older ones can sit in a high chair and join in on the family table fun. When babies get a bit cranky, however, the dinner enjoyment can get quite unappealing very quickly!

One thing to try for soothing a fussy and probably tired little none is movement. As common knowledge as this is, one would be surprised how few times frustrated parents try this, or automatically just pick the baby up and walk her ten times around the parking lot.

Before getting that to go box and hurriedly making a beeline to the exit, try to put the baby into the stroller and simply rock it back and forth right there by your table. This usually works to calm a tired baby and puts him to sleep.

It also helps if you bring a toy or two that plays soft sleeping music that you can place in the stroller while you do the rocking.



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