Baby Bottles Transition to Sippy Cups

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Baby Bottles Transition to Sippy Cups

Some babies are finickier than others when it comes to accepting items such as bottle nipples. If you are lucky, your baby will adapt to any bottle nipple you giver her in her first couple of months of life. As she gets older, however, she may get so used to the nipple type you use with her bottles that she will only want that one and won't drink her bottle if you switch them on her.

So if your baby is one that at a young age still seems adaptable, a good idea is to not stick to one type of nipple only. Get a few dfferently shaped ones so that she gets used to all of them. Keep switching them around and introduce new ones each month. This will come in handy when at 8 or 9 months you start the transition from bottle to sippy cup.

If your baby is already drinking from differently shaped nipples chances are, she will adapt to a sippy cup spout quicker and easier. Most babies have a hard time switching from the bottle and will starve first rather than drink from an unfamiliar sippy cup spout. It takes lots of time and patience to keep trying to get her to accept this new method of drinking. But if she is used to switching bottle nipples a sippy spout will just be like another new one for her. Start with the soft silicone spouts found on trainer cups first and then gradually introduce the harder plastic ones.

This trick should really help you in potential sippy cup wars with your baby. It should also be less costly than buying 20 different sippy cup styles so see which one will work.



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