Pacifiers in the crib

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Pacifiers in the crib

In the beginning your baby won't know how to put the pacifier back into her mouth once it falls out. So you may find yourself getting up a couple of times a night when she awakes because her beloved binky has dropped out to the side and needs it put back in. But don't despair, soon enough she will figure out how to get the binky back into her mouth anytime she needs it. You may start to see her trying to do this by the age of four-five months or so.

When she learns to grab her own paci a good idea is to place 4 or 5 of them in the crib, this way when she's half asleep in the dark and the binky falls out, she can grab around and feel for one; with a few of them in there, chances are she will find one. As she grows accustomed to this she won't cry out anymore for you to go fetch the paci for her, but she will happily get it on her own.



7/26/2009 9:12:44 AM
stacey said:

i 'stumbled' across this site and decided to look at the baby section as i have an 8 month old son.
And to my suprise the first thing i read was this topic, the reason i was suprised was besause the advice given was exactly what i had done last night to enable my son to find at least one of his dummies (thats what we call a pacifier in the uk) so i wouldn't need to keep getting up my self to replace it!
Great minds think alike huh! LOL


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