Pacifier use

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Pacifier use

The use of pacifiers is fine for babies. Although there are many controversial arguments on this, it has been documented by doctors that if a baby takes to a binky it is alright to let him use one. Babies are born with the need to suck and they may have that need all throughout the day even when they are not breast or bottle feeding at the time. Of course, some babies never take to a paci and that's just fine too.

But, if your baby is one of the many that uses binkies, then a good idea is to have a small collection of them. First, establish which style she prefers; she is bound to have a favorite shape that she likes. When you have a preferred one, then buy 5 or 6 of them to have all around. This way you won't be searching all over the place when the baby is fussy and in need of her paci.



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