SIDS Update

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SIDS Update

There's a fairly new study that has found using a fan in the baby's room can reduce the risk of SIDS. The study suggests that probably the air circulation by the fan disperses CO2 breathed by the baby and thus reduces the incidence of suffocation by inhaling it.

Of course, placing babies to sleep on their backs is still very important and a fan in the baby's room is not a substitute for this. But, by all means, turn the fan on during sleep times or invest in a small portable fan to place in the room. Anything that reduces SIDS is something to seriously consider!



3/20/2009 11:21:34 PM
John Cass said:

Curious to hear the name of the study, and researchers.

* The study was conducted by researchers from Kaiser Permanente Northern California. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) issued a response to this study that stated it is still imperative that babies be placed on their backs to sleep. It also said that parents should still follow all safety precautions when putting their infants in their cribs and that a fan is not a substitute.
However, when some factors were present in some babies' sleeping environments such as warmer temperatures, or closed windows, a fan in the room highly reduced the risk of SIDS. You can read more on this study at this address:,8599,1847726,00.html
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