Reducing Baby Feeding Time Messes

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Reducing Baby Feeding Time Messes

Babies seem to love being messy with food! Put a bowl of food in front of them and they surely will stick their hands right in it! You'll have food flying in all directions and all over the baby as well. Little ones love to test the textures of their environment, especially food, but before you know it you'll have a huge mess to clean.

You can reduce the messiness by implementing a few tricks, here are a few tips to try:

• Don't give the baby too much food at once, give him smaller portions separately.

• Give him thicker foods that will stick to the spoon so less of it will come out.

• Feed him the spoon yourself a few times to encourage him to get the spoon to his mouth and not flicked over the high chair

• When he gets the spoon to his mouth by himself give him words of encouragement

Try following these tips and you should see smaller messes. They won't prevent food splatterings all together, but know that soon this phase will be over and your cutie will be feeding himself and getting every crumb into his mouth and not all over the high chair and floor. Hang in there and have patience!



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