Introducing Solids

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Introducing Solids

Introducing solid foods to baby can surely be a challenge. Although there are some definite messes to come in your solid food adventure, you can certainly reduce the occurrences.

One way to do it is by keeping baby’s hands away from the vicinity of the food bowl and her mouth. This may sound a bit harsh at first, but it is perfectly fine to do and will not affect the baby in the least. Take baby’s hands and place them under the tray and adjust it all the way up so she can’t get the hands out.

Once you start feeding the baby, she should be so enthralled with the new food she’ll forget where her hands are. It’s probably a good idea to wait until she’s had a few feedings and is familiar with her new food. Then if you find she gets her hands all over the place, that’s the time to put her hands under the table.

After a while she will get used to having her hands down and she’ll be more likely to keep them away from her mouth and food bowl.



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