Choosing Baby Bedding

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What bedding should I get for my baby?

Choosing Baby Bedding

When it’s time to buy baby bedding it can get a bit confusing as to what items are the right ones. There are so many choices available, and with tons of advertisements in baby magazines, one can be left a little perplexed. The most important thing to remember is the baby’s safety.

Get the crib and mattress first because sizes vary depending on the crib style you get. A snug fit it vital, so you want to get the right size sheets to fit the mattress. Also get a mattress that fits snugly in the crib, this prevents any gaps where your baby could get caught.

These are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you pick bedding for your baby:

• Make sure to get sheets that are fitted and are the right size for the mattress you picked. If the sheet is too small, obviously it won’t fit over the mattress, and if they are too large they will bunch up, which can be a dangerous suffocation risk.

• As cute as crib bumpers are, they are not longer recommended. They have proven to cause more of a risk than they are worth. A crib without a bumper may look empty to you, but it is the safest thing for your baby.

• Get a waterproof cover for the mattress for the inevitable accidents that are bound to happen… diapers tend to leak occasionally, especially when your baby starts sleeping longer hours.

• To keep your baby a comfortable temperature, look for a wearable blanket. This will keep your baby warm without posing a suffocation risk.



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