Car Seat Harness Tip

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Car Seat Harness Tip

Many parents forget to consider that a convertible car seat should be comfortable for them as well as the baby. No, not comfortable for you to sit on, although some of those seats sure do look comfortable! What I mean is comfortable for you to get the baby in and out of it multiple times a day with considerable ease.

So, an important feature is a good harness. Make sure it is sturdy and well padded so it doesn't dig into the baby. Also, check that it stays in place well, some models tend to have harness straps that twist too easily and before you know it they become so entwined that you have to take the whole thing apart to get them straight again.

The anchor clips should be hard to open by the baby, but at the same time they ought to come off quickly once you press the button. Make sure they are also easy to click in, or else your back runs the risk of being stiff from so much fumbling with uncooperative clips.



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