Where Will Baby Sleep When Away on a Trip?

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Where Will Baby Sleep When Away on a Trip?

Something that you need to establish when you are a new parent and going on a trip, is where will the baby sleep. Depending on where you are going and how you are getting there, you should decide whether you will take something with you or get it when you are at your destination.

If you are going to a hotel, the easiest thing to do, of course, is to request a crib for your room. So make sure the hotel you book with has cribs available (most do).

If you are going to stay at a friend's or relative's home and driving there, the best thing to transport is a traveling pack-n-play or a foldable baby tent with an inflatable mattress. If your vehicle is large enough you should even be able to fitin a folding mini crib, if that's what you want to take. Another option, if plausible, is to get a mini crib while you are visiting and then leave it there for future trips.

But if you have no other option than to bring what he baby will sleep in, then take what works best for baby. It all depends on how easy it is for your baby to sleep on other places other than her crib. Some babies sleep anywhere, so it's up to you on what's easiest to put in the car. If your baby is more prone to sleeplessness when not at home, then get whatever is closest to what she sleeps in at home; most likely a folding portable crib will work best.

If traveling by plane, then obviously taking a portable crib won't be very practical, so you may consider having something set up at your destination. Some options include, buying a crib or pack-n-play once at your destination that you can keep there when you visit, renting a crib, or taking a folding baby tent (these fold into a small bag that isn't much bigger than a carry-on).

If none of these are feasible then the next best thing is to take a portable pack-n-play that folds and fits in a small bag with a handle. You can check that in right with your luggage.



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