Swimming Pool Play

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Should we take our baby to the local swimming pool?

Swimming Pool Play

Most babies enjoy the water and being in it. It is not too early to introduce a baby to the pool when they are even just a couple of months old. You can start by taking your baby in with your and just hold her while you are in the shallow end. See how she reacts and if she seems ok with it let her explore and splash the water. As she grows accustomed to the pool you can get a baby float which will allow you to taker her all around the pool while she is safely seated in the float.

There are a few different styles of baby floats, check around baby stores and online catalogues to see which one will work best for your baby. If you want to check for safety reports go to www.consumerreports.org. Try to get one that has a sunshade canopy to protect the baby from too much sun.

Of course, always remember to put sunscreen on the baby when you take her to the pool or even put a light cotton shirt on her for swimming. Be very watchful of the baby while in the water and always keep in close range of her. Also, be sure to have a couple of towels ready for when you take her out of the pool as babies can't regulate their temperature very well yet and get easily cold.

So once the hot weather arrives get out to the pool and have fun swimming!



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