Pacifier Holders

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Pacifier Holders

A great item to get that will prove quite useful is a pacifier holder. Before long you will find yourself looking for dropped pacifiers. Or even worse, not able to get the pacifier from the backseat floor as you are driving with a screaming baby.

These are all too familiar when you have a baby, even a simple walk could prove disastrous if the binky were to fall off the stroller or your baby's mouth as you are walking her through the park.

Behold the pacifier holder! A great invention that attaches the baby's pacifier to her clothing, so that it doesn't fall to the ground should it come off her mouth. There are many styles and types of pacifiers, but it's a definite recommendation to get one or two, it will save you from much anguish and patience!

You can find pacifier holders in baby supply stores, and even in some supermarkets. Amazon has some really cute ones made from safe colored wood, which claims to have an attachment feature that is stronger than others. Look around for one that works for you and be off to much happier pacifying!



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