What types of books will my baby benefit from?

Road Trip with Baby

A road trip with the baby can be fun, but you have to be well prepared. Depending on how long the ride will be, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure a good trip.

First, make sure you pack the right essentials for the trip. If you are breastfeeding, great, that's one thing that you know you have covered, just be sure to have your pump with you, should it be needed, you breast pads, bottle etc.

If you are formula feeding, the best thing to take along are individual ready to drink cans or bottles. Most brands have one or the other, and they are very convenient and easy. You just pour into a bottle and go, no mixing messes or extra water bottles to tote around. Some brands even come with disposable nipples that attach to the bottle that the formula came in, it doesn't get easier than that! Check on and Babies R Us for these, or even some local supermarkets may have them.

Another option, specially for shorter trips, is to prepare a few bottles and put them in a small cooler, this can work well if the baby doesn't mind cold formula.

If your baby is on solids, but not eating grown up food yet, pack a few jars of baby food you can feed him at rest stops or restaurants along the way. Or if traveling with a spouse or friend the passenger can feed the baby while on the road.

Also, pack your diaper bag and keep it in the back seat for easy reach whenever necessary. Have another bag full of diapers and wipes that you will use once you reach your destination, but make sure to have the regular diaper bag close by and ready to go. When the baby 'goes' you don't want to be digging around in the car for a clean diaper and a changing pad! Another thing to keep in mind is if the baby is teething; make sure to pack the right items in the diaper bag as well. Things such as Orajel, Tylenol, teething tablets, rings, biscuits, whichever work for your baby, be sure to have them close by in the diaper bag.

As far as other essentials to take along, make sure to have a few favorite toys for the baby to play with in the car seat, extra pacifiers and a couple of blankets.

Be sure to check the next tip for what to take along on trips or vacations.

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