What sorts of things should I purchase to begin decorating and furnishing my baby nursery?

Baby Nursery Decorating

Nursery decorating can be a lot of fun. There are so many ways to decorate it, though, that you may not know which way to go. One easy way to get a great baby room is to pick one already made up fromt the store. But if you prefer to have fun and come up with an original room, here are some ideas:

  1. Do a space theme room. Paint stars on the ceiling and planets on the walls. Or if you are artistically challenged, then look for some wallpaper or stickers in children's and crafts stores. See of you can find spot rugs of celestial objects as well. Look for sheets that match the theme, such as ones with stars, moons etc... or of you can't find any, simple black or blue sheets will work too. Get a crib mobile of the solar system and maybe one of those star projecting lamps to add a light effect when the baby sleeps.

  2. Bubbles room. Paint colored bubbles all around hte room, or see if you can find bubble wall paper or a sticker alternative. Hang some colored paper lamps from the ceiling and get all the accessories in a round shape wherever possible. Place a few colored round rugs around the room and get sheets with multicolored dots for the crib. If the room is big enough get a couple of big colored balls (those fitness balls could work well) to have rolling around on the floor.

  3. Beach fun. Turn your baby's nursery into a beach! Put light colored laminate wood flooring or beige (sand colored) carpeting. Paint palm trees on the walls with the sea behind them, or try and see of you can find ocean wallpaper. Place big sea shell plates on top of the dresser drawers or shelves to hold things like baby's brush, medicines, cotton balls, etc... Hang a few seagull dolls from the ceiling and paint a few clouds up there too.

  4. Underwater aquarium room. Paint the walls a dark blue and draw colorful tropical fish and corals. You can also see if you find large fish stickers you can place all around the walls. Get a fish or underwater themed mobile for the crib and lots of baby friendly stuffed sea animals to place on the furniture and shelves. Put dark blue carpeting on the floor and, if you can find them, fish shaped spot rugs. Hang some fish from the ceiling and also, if yu want a real underwater effect, paint the ceiling dark blue as well.

These are just a few ideas to make it easier, you can pick from these or add your own touches to them or make your own theme. You can find most of the items like themed wall paper, wall stickers or spot rugs on the Internet. Just do a Google search and you'll get quite a few to choose from.

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