What items do I need for my baby's crib?

Baby Bedding for the Crib

When setting up your baby’s crib, it is all about safety. Which means less is more. Since babies do not have the strength or know how to remove items away from their faces, it is your job to make sure there is nothing that may suffocate them. Here are the items you will need to set up your baby’s crib.

• A fitted sheet with no extra wiggle room. You will want to have some extras on hand for those middle of the night accidents. You can now even find zip-on sheets that make those late-night changes a breeze.

• A waterproof mattress pad to keep your mattress dry. Or you can opt for a completely waterproof crib mattress (yes, they make them) to eliminate a piece of bedding.

• A wearable blanket. Since you cannot have any loose bedding, this is a great option to keep your little one warm.

That is it. The fewer items in the crib, the safer it is for your baby. If you have to have the cute decorator quilts or blankets, keep them just for tummy time or decoration until your child gets older.

NOTE: Crib bumpers are no longer recommended. Even though you may think they are necessary to keep your child’s limbs out of the slat openings or to pad his head from the wood, that is not so. More injuries have been reported from suffocation because of the crib bumpers than injuries caused by not having a bumper.

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