How should I entertain my busy toddler this summer?

Top Summer Toys for Toddlers – Ages 15 to 30 Months

Summer is an open door for adventure with the toddler set. Finally able to move around comfortably in an upright position and beginning to develop many large motor skills such as climbing and jumping, a toddler summer is a busy and active one. Perfect summer toys for a toddler involve the opportunity to explore new physical skills and take on the outside world. Activity play tables that provide standing space to engage in water, sand and other textile playtime is an ideal summer toy. Toys that encourage digging and dumping, like pails and shovels in a sandbox, or trucks and tractors in the dirt, are sure to fascinate the active toddler. Build your own sandbox or buy a plastic version like the 6 Sided Sandbox from Kettler. The bigger is truly better for a sandbox providing active play for more than one child. Remember to cover the box for sanitary reasons when playtime is done. Toddlers additionally love to make noise, so save your ears and let them get boisterous outside. With an assortment of noise making toys or musical instruments you can have a summer band jam in your backyard. Let them get truly physical with a small slide or climber, ride on toys that are powered by pushing feet and push/pull toys. Toddlers love to imitate adults, so a great outside summer toy is the plastic toy lawn mover by Little Tikes. A playhouse will also open the door for summertime pretend play and with Target's David Kirk Playhouse folding flat for storage, clean up is also a breeze.

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How should I entertain my busy toddler this summer?

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