How should we safely cool off the kids in the summer heat?

Backyard Water and Kid Pool Play

When the summer heat hits, the best way to cool off is with water. Take the children outside and let them get wet! So many options are available for summer water play that children of all ages can easily find cool entertainment.

For younger babies, sit with them in a kid pool. Place them safely between your legs and allow them to play with a pool toy. Many pool toy options are available for a young baby with simple ideas such as cups to fill and empty, squeeze and squirt toys, water boats and plastic animals. For cost savings, simply bring your bath toys outside for the day.

An older child also has the option of playing in a large plastic tub filled with water. Much like a kid pool without having to get wet, a child can play next to the water with a pool toy. Water is truly an amazing learning activity and the summer weather provides a great opportunity for a young scientist to explore advanced concepts such as density, buoyancy and spatial relations through basic water pool toy play.

Toddlers will enjoy low to the ground sprinklers, like Disney's Finding Nemo Water Sprinkler and simply using the mist function on standard hose nozzle. Cover them with waterproof sunscreen and let them run and keep cool. For the younger crowd, One Step Ahead offers an interesting sprinkler play mat kid pool called the Soft Sprinkles Tide Pool, designed to give a younger child a less intense sprinkler experience.

Remember that with any water play, drowning is always a potential hazard. A young child can drown in an inch of water if left unattended for even a second. Place safety and attention at your highest importance whenever enjoying water play with your children.

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