Toys For Summer Vacation

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How do you entertain kids while traveling?

Toys For Summer Vacation

Whether by train, plane or automobile, summer is the time for family travel. When this travel involves young children, the struggle to entertain them comes into play. Make your summer vacation the best possible with simple toy ideas to help ease the pain of family travel.

One trick of the parent travel trade is to pack one new toy and one favorite special toy into your summer vacation travel bag. Depending on the age of your child, the choices are limitless. For very young babies, a special blanket and a new sensory toy, like the Whoozit by Manhattan Baby, will suffice for basic entertainment. Older children might appreciate their softest stuffed toy and a new box of small trinkets to open and explore. Simply take a smaller plastic box with a lid and fill with little snacks, interesting plastic toys and art supplies. The excitement of simply opening and closing the box of hidden treasures is often enough for family travel amusement.

While in the car, music and audio toys are great for a long summer vacation drive. Try a book on tape either from the bookstore or library, or make one of your own. Babies love to hear their parents' voices, so record yourself reading their favorite books and play it as you drive. Sturdy books and safe teethers are also great for younger baby toys during family travel time. For a rear-facing infant, travel with a back seat mobile. Just make sure they are approved for safe use in a vehicle by checking with the manufacture or



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